Hi!!! Jus wanna intro myself since I made up my mind to use LJ as a place to rants~ Not all of the time tho XD

I am a BIG Fan of Arashi since end of 2007. I may not be a long time fan but the love I have for them are almost the same as those who have known them since their debut. I was Ohno-baited and now I love all of them equally~

Aside from Arashi, I also LOVES DBSK and FT Island. Loves DBSK since 2005 and FTI since 2007. Obviously I do have alot of other artists I like but not as crazy as I am for these three~

Others might see me as an anti-kpop. Can't say I'm not an anti though. I do find K-pop annoying but I like some of them still. So i prefer to be known as sick of K-pop rather than anti K-pop.

Anyway, I listens to mainly Japanese musics and a variations of other languages~

As you can see, currently I am using LJ as a place to share my graphics and arts. But now, I will use it to post my thoughts too!

You need not add me to view the graphics as I will leave it open. However, some entries to my private life may be locked so if you know me personally ( from school or online ), feel free to leave a comment and I will add you back.

However if I don know you, its fine to add me too though I won add you back~
But I will add you in the future if we talk with each other later on ^^

If you want to add me on Facebook, pls send me a message!
I'm happy to know more Arashi fans XDXD

Name: Huda ( short-name )
Country: Singapore


EDIT: I've also created my own arts community so all my drawings will no longer be posted here! I apologise to those who have added me for that purpose >_<

That is all :DDD
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Sho, Nazodi premiere at Marina Bay~!

Yeah it's been superrr long since I've updated and the first thing I'm saying is.....

OMG I cannot believe that I won the giveaway tickets!

This is going to be one of my most memorable memories in my life~
Hopefully I can take a pic of him at the red carpet XD
Those SG who are going please remember your manners.

PS: Meeting up with felixkeep 'cause she won too!:3

Bitchy rants yet again~

I want to vent my frustrations yet again~ Lol

What is it with people and them saying stans?
'Cause I'm sick of those non-Arashi fans who kept dissing some people in the comments in Aramatheydidn't. Just because the people prefer one idol better than the other, it make them stans in their views. Kind of stupid if you ask me.

What Brought This On?Collapse )

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